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About Us


Raceway United is a new shop that brings a diverse set of skills and capabilities to the motorsports enthusiast and racecar owner operator. 

Racing innovation is at the heart of the company -- solving our customers’ problems drives us.

The shop offers car maintenance and storage on site and comprehensive services to support our customers throughout all phases of sports car ownership. We also specialize in services to support the full racecar lifecycle to include fabrication / design, build, storage, maintenance and race day services. 

The shop is also a cost-effective solution for the DIY mechanic to learn more about their car and work on their own car project.

The shop offers repair lifts and tooling for rent, and we have talented technicians and fabricators available to help customers who have bigger projects. 

We believe in the power of generosity and seek out opportunities to develop programs to make racecar driving more accessible for underserved communities.

We will partner with local companies and organizations to build meaningful relationships and to develop more interest and passion for motorsports racing in the PNW.

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31218 144th Ave SE, Suite 115
Kent, WA 98042 

HQ Office: 206-565-8659
Email: info@racewayunited.com